November 11th, 2021. Discussion about Holocaust denial, and the consequences you will face if you dare to ask questions. This Interview with Monika Schaefer, who spent 11 months in German prison for Holocaust denial.  Alfred Schaefer, Monika’s brother is serving a 3 to  5 year sentence for the same thing.

One way you can support me is by writing letters of support to my friend Alfred Schaefer in German prison.  Alfred Schaefer was arrested in the summer of 2018, just after our channels were purged from YouTube.  Alfred’s home was raided by the police, and he was arrested for asking questions about history and for Holocaust denial.

While the world media has painted Alfred Schaefer to be an evil violent extremist, I can assure that he is one of the kindest men that I have ever met.  Alfred Schaefer defended me, supported me, and his letters from German prison are one of the only reasons why I continue to make content.

Alfred has been locked in solitary confinement, and has his cell repeatedly raided by prison guards. They took his pen and paper away, which caused him to go on a hunger strike to regain his ability to communicate with the outside world.  

Alfred Schaefer
Hindenburgring 12 · 86899 Landsberg am Lech


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