This website was created for the purpose of reconciliation and historical research. 

“If an empire is built on lies and deception, then it will be cursed to sustain itself on lies and deception.  What one generation sows is what the next generation shall reap.  
Therefore, we do not inherit the land from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children.”

This website does not promote white supremacy, and that the Aryan race should conquer and rule the world.

This website does not promote unmerited hatred towards any individuals or racial groups.

This website is not about rebuilding the Third Reich to exterminate the Jews, but to clarify and understand what actually happened in Europe during the 20th century.

This website is about seeking truth and justice in a world filled with deception and injustice.

This website is about recognizing the threat of Aryan genocide within Aryan countries, perpetrated by their own governments.

This website is about reconnecting people with their ancestral past, promoting national pride, and promoting foundational European and American values that once helped our nations flourish.

This website is about historical and Biblical revisionism, and promoting a 21st century view on the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. 

This website is about learning from our past mistakes, and moving forward. 

This Website is about exposing the usurious international banking system that has enslaved the world, and exposing the lies and threats promoted by their global media machine. 

This website is about helping people reconnect with their God, and establishing good morals and values for the generation to come. 

“Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 

Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.”

Psalms 82:3-4

I am neither Jew nor Aryan, but a mixture of the two.  My Hebrew name is Reuvin, which translates as “behold a son”, but my Aryan name is Robert, which translates as “bright glory”.  My name will change depending on who I am talking with.  My father was from an Orthodox Jewish family from the former Soviet Union that immigrated to Israel, and my mother is a French-Canadian Irish Catholic from Quebec, Canada.

I am not a Jew according to Jewish Halakha law and rabbinical Judaism, while Aryans only see me as a Jew.  Therefore, I am not on the side of race, but on the side of truth and justice. I do not judge people by the colour of their skin, or by what family or country they came from. I only judge people based on their words, actions and merit.

I grew up completely secular and was not raised by my Jewish family, nor my Catholic family.  I grew up as a French-Canadian drifter in English Canada, and had little to no understanding of religion or Judaism until I reached my early 20’s.

I served for six years as a Royal Canadian Army Cadet, where I attained the rank of Warrant Officer and acting Sergeant-Major. I was a platoon commander at my home corps and also administered the band and music department.  I was a drill instructor on the national army cadet base, at CFB Borden, where I held one of the highest positions for three consecutive years.  I trained with various airborne units around the world and was awarded six different national sets of parachute wings.  My estranged grandfather was a General in the Canadian Armed Forces and held one of the highest positions in the country.

After researching the events of September 11th, 2001, I viewed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as frauds fabricated by devious men and women within our own governments and media. I walked away from my army cadet friends and from my dream to become a fulltime soldier.  I wanted nothing more than to follow in the steps of my grandfather and serve Her Majesty in our once glorious British Commonwealth. 

Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey that would show me that not only were the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq lies and fabrications, but almost every major war in the centuries that proceeded them.

Most of my cadet friends are veterans of the Afghanistan war, some of them were badly wounded in combat.  I believed that the best way for me to be a soldier and to serve my country was to expose the puppet masters in the shadows, who had sent my friends on a psychotic mission laced with secret motives that worked against the interests of our nations.

After feeling betrayed by the Canadian military and after the tragic death of my first girlfriend, I became a lost and angry man. I entered a dark world and went through a stage of total rebellion.  It was during these dark years when I learned about the world of organized crime and the truth about how the monetary systems operates, and how it was designed with the intention to enslave my country and the entire world. 

The biggest struggle in my life was overcoming my hatred towards Christianity.  While I made the mistake of equating the man-made churches to the actual teachings of Christ and Moses, I became rather shocked after I studied the Bible for myself.  My original goal in studying the Bible was not to become a Christian, but rather, I wanted to destroy Christianity.

It was quite a shock to me to read that Christ was the first man in recorded history to expose the bankers and their usurious practices to enslave the people.  The priests and the men controlling the religion during Christ’s time are also the villains throughout the New Testament. I eventually realized that I had something in common with Christ, and that was, we had the exact same enemies and that there is no new thing under the sun.

I realized that my hatred towards Christianity had nothing to do with Christ or the Bible, but rather with the so-called church institutions that had become everything Christ exposed in the New Testament.  I believe that if Christ was walking the earth today, He would treat the mainstream Christians and churches no different than how He treated the corrupt Jews of His time. 

As my nation increasingly became more degenerate, with sex and drugs being shoved down the throats of the masses, and with the courts, media, law enforcement, academia, senate and military firmly in the hands of my enemies, I realized that there was no one left to turn to except for God Himself.  To become a rebel to the system in the present world requires becoming a good and honest man.

As I struggled with Christianity and with understanding the Bible, I decided to go to the local synagogue, since my father was from an Orthodox Jewish family.  I thought about moving to Israel and perhaps joining the Israeli army, since I was completely ignorant of the Jewish factor and how the Israeli lobbies are the key component to all these senseless wars and enslaving the world with usury.  This is when my life would drastically change and I would begin to understand the wretched ideologies of Judaism, Islam and Freemasonry.

I was met with some hostility by the rabbi who informed me that I was in fact not a Jew, and that just because my father’s family were Orthodox Jews didn’t count for anything.  I would have to go through a conversion process if I wanted to be counted as one of them, since my mother never converted to Judaism.  The rabbi allowed me to stay in the synagogue and agreed to tutor me as I contemplated conversion.  However, the more I learned about Judaism, the more I realized how rabbinical Judaism (also known as Pharisaic Judaism) is in total opposition to what Moses, the Prophets and the Bible actually teach.  

I first noticed that Moses and the Bible recorded birth records through the men, but modern Judaism attributes one’s Jewishness through their mother.  When the rabbi began quoting books that had nothing to do with Moses and the Bible, alarm bells went off in my head and I knew something was wrong. 

The Orthodox rabbi was serving in a conservative synagogue, and he didn’t believe that Moses ever existed.  How could an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi deny the existence of Moses?  He taught me that God is both male and female, and that I shouldn’t be studying from my pre World War history books.  This would be my first lesson about Kabbalah and the mystery religion that these Freemasons so desperately crave. 

While I fell in love with the Jews at the conservative synagogue that I attended and became like family to them, my war with the Rabbi and rabbinical Judaism was just over the horizon.  In the years to come, I would find myself in the same situation that Christ was in two thousand years ago, battling the same Jewish Pharisees over the laws of Moses and how they had created an entirely new religion that opposes God in every sense. 

I left the Jewish synagogue and moved to Quebec, Canada, and it was there where my research of Judaism would take me down a path that would unlock the two missing pieces to my Jewish puzzle, Communism and the Holocaust.  After watching a documentary called “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Denis Wise and a documentary on Auschwitz by a Jew named David Cole, I could finally begin to make out the frightening image on the puzzle board.

I began to study the dangers of Communism and the writings and speeches of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.  My world had been shaken and rocked to its core, everything I was ever taught, everything about the world I lived in was built on lie upon lie.

I ended up embracing National Socialism, and seeing it as the best way to keep order in the world, by keeping us organized through race and common language.  I started viewing World War Two as a holy war between Christian Europe and Jewish Communism.  While the Communists were mass murdering Christian Europeans and destroying churches, the German military was marching into battle with Christ’s name on their belt buckles,
“Gott mit uns” which means God with us or Emmanuel in Hebrew – Matthew 1:23.

Completely by chance, I ended up joining a Nationalist group in Montreal, Quebec.  I attended one of their meetings which was held on the rooftop of a large apartment building overlooking the city in the downtown sector.  I never concealed the fact that I was half Jewish, which left some of the nationalists at the meeting in total shock.  While some of them argued whether they should throw me off the rooftop, others were fascinated and interested in hearing what I had to say.  Among the nationalists was a man who went by the name Zeiger, who was a writer for the Daily Stormer.  

Zeiger and I would have a few conversations and I wouldn’t consider us to be friends.  He was however very hospitable towards me and even invited me to his home to watch the first Trump election.  Later, Zeiger, along with many other nationalists were doxed through a discord server, and would have their names and addresses released by the Montreal media. Their homes were raided and vandalized by the local communist groups, that happened to be funded by our local universities.

I joined them in marches and in some scuffles with the local ANTIFA.  I would help them put up flyers warning against communism.  The group in the end had a lot of internal conflict.  People were hungry for power and leadership, and there was division between the Pagan, Christian and Atheist factions within the group.  When I saw how little these nationalists actually knew about Christianity, Judaism and even Aryan history, it inspired me to make a YouTube channel called Jews for Hitler.

Unknown to most, Hitler actually had many Jews serving in his ranks.  Erhard Milch was a half-Jew who held the highest rank in the German military, Field Marshall.  General Boris Shteifon was a Jew who commanded Hitler’s Eastern Slavic Corps, but he also served in the Russian Civil War as a colonel for the White Russian Army.  Arno Spitz was a German-Jewish paratrooper who was awarded three Iron Crosses for his bravery serving the Reich. 

The YouTube channel was a success, within eight months my channel started to roll.  I had hit the 10,000 subscriber mark and I was gaining between 150 to 300 new subscribers daily.  Then, on May 3rd, 2018, my channel, along with many others were purged from YouTube and I had lost the network that I had built up.  Denis Wise had become an acquaintance of mine, along with Alfred Schaefer, both their channels were purged, and a few months later Alfred’s home would be raided by the German police followed by his imprisonment.  

The following week, Zeiger’s home was raided by ANTIFA, thanks to the local media broadcasting his home address on the news for everyone in Canada to see.  B’nai Brit had warrants issued for his arrest for his articles on the Daily Stormer and for his participation in Charlottesville. I posted a video on my Bitchute channel, click here to watch: video 

As I watched my beautiful city of Montreal turn into a cesspool of degeneracy and drugs, and with the growing hatred of Nationalists rising among the brainwashed masses, I felt that Canada was no longer safe for me.  I had made enemies with the local communists, the Jews, and even members of my own nationalist group began to despise me, as their hatred for Jews started to peak.  I had an encounter with the federal and local police, that ended with me spending a weekend in jail and a day in the psychiatric ward. 

With the severe censorship campaign against me, and having a lifetime ban on almost every online platform like, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Twitter etc.  I packed whatever I could and headed to Eastern Europe where I felt I couldn’t be arrested and persecuted for my beliefs.  My goal was to eventually make my way to the United States, but due to the Covid Plandemic, all my plans fell through. 

I now live on the border of Western Ukraine and Transnistria, the poorest part of Europe, not far from a Russian army base, with front row seats to what could be the beginning of World War 3. I find it interesting to be back in the land of my Jewish family, working as a peasant farmer, digging and toiling in the soil that once overflowed with the blood of Christian Russians, Germans, Ukrainians and many other Europeans.

Truth is far stranger than fiction, but my faith in Christ remains intact.  While I don’t believe that I will have a happy ending on earth, I know that the two most powerful forces in the universe are on my side, time and truth.  Nothing is more powerful than the truth, which is why the global elites flee and run like cowards whenever basic truths are uttered.  

So, as the clock ticks and tocks I rest assured that I will prevail, in life or in my inevitable death. 

All the best and Gott mit uns,

– Reuvin/Robert  Matveev

“For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing,

whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Ecclesiastes 12:14

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